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TY for balanced patch


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  • The little Guard nerf is nice

  • the necro very small nerf is nice

  • the engi bomb kit nerf is nice

  • you missed the thief nerf ( movement nerf )

  • you missed the firebrand nerf ( sustain )

  • you missed the engi ( holo ) nerf ( still too much damage and too much sustain in small scale )

  • you missed the weaver nerf in wvw ( just reduce all barrier gain by 50% )

  • you missed the condi nerf in wvw

300 second cooldown skills still not reworked or at least change the recharge to 100 seconds....

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@frareanselm.1925 said:Why instead of more nerf, upgrade the classes that are weak?

Because the point was to reduce power creep, not increase it. They are going for a new base line for all classes, and have stated they are not there yet. The point of the big nerf a while back was a fresh plate, then wait and see what is still over performing and adjust as needed. Once they are happy with the new base line, they will start on other changes and replacing some skills and some of the place holders, like the 300 second auto proc traits.

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EngineerJump Shot: This skill no longer ignores the immobile condition.No Scope: Fixed a bug in which this trait would grant might when triggered.Bomb (Bomb Kit Skill 1): Reduced power coefficient from 1.2 to 0.85 in WvW only.

ThiefVault: This skill no longer ignores the immobile condition.

ElementalistLightning Rod: Reduced power coefficient from 1.2 to 0.95 in PvP and WvW.

GuardianPermeating Wrath: Reduced burning duration from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds in WvW only.

NecromancerRitual of Life: Reduced the revive pulse from 4% to 1% in PvP and WvW.

RangerAttack of Opportunity: Reduced damage bonus from 50% to 25% in PvP and WvW.

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@aaron.7850 said:necros need more nerfs, and all pvp nerfs should affect wvw also

You think so? I would love to have the PvP version of Permeating Wrath - lets do this! (hint it's more damage than the PvE version)

WvW and PvP are just too different for them to safely use the same rules. What is broken in one isn't in the other (example: Permeating Wrath), mainly because of numbers (5v5 vs 50v50) and stat combinations on gear (see: more PvP amulets removed from the game).

Personally I think it's silly that they have to split a skill 3 ways between PvE, PvP and WvW, but at the same time I respect them doing so, to not hit one game mode with dirty laundry from another. Sadly that only applies to numbers like damage or cooldowns, so when they change the actual mechanics (spin up on Rev Surge of the Mists, etc) it unfortunately ruins all game modes simultaneously.

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@Theros.1390 said:

@Mini Crinny.6190 said:Is the 261 barrier Weaver gets from dual attacks too much to handle?

1) The trait is not at all the only one source of barrier Weaver has2) Healing Power increases the value of barrier you gain

Okay so Marauder stats would certainly affect it?

and taking Bolstered Elements and Invigorating strikes over Swift Revenge and Elements of Rage for a class dealing damage?

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I was stoked when they revamped the balance team things were way too lopsided but they are still leaving too many meta builds untouched for too long. Thief movement is obscene and needs to be toned down / Firebrand sustain is way overpowered / Holosmith too much damage overall and condition overall has to be toned down before we revert back to 2013!

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