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Just got my thief to 80, looking for a quick summary on the elite specs.


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Depends. If you prefer ranged with good access to stealth and strong single target damage, then go Deadeye. If you prefer melee with many evades and strong AoE damage (as far as thieves go), go daredevil. I haven't tried core in a long time, but I believe they can do really good burst damage.

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Note: Deadeye isn't necessarily ranged. It plays well with melee too, specifically D/D given that its schtick is having stronger Stealth skills which means Dagger MH's Backstab becomes way stronger and Dagger OH allows for consistent Stealth application.

It is however, a very single target focused spec.

Daredevil is more of a Bruiser type spec, it has more focus on evades, having extra health and healing as well as debuffing the damage enemies do. With Staff also having some decent Power based AoE capabilities.

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Deadeye (PoF) — Access to rifle (1200-1500 range). Very high single-target dps.

Profession mechanic: Malice. Every point of malice = 10% bonus damage to your stealth damage (total 50/70% — depends on your build).

Daredevil (HoT) — Access to staff (melee). High dps, good cleave, 3 dodges.

Profession mechanic: Modified dodge — you can choose between 3 options, like Bound (damage), Dash (mobility) and Lotus Training (condi damage).

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