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[EU][PVE][RAIDS]Underpowered Community is looking for experienced raiders


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Hello!We are a chill lfg guild for raiders who for whatever reason can't join a static team. Our roster is only filled with experienced raiders to ensure that your raid clears will be as smooth as possible without sticking to a static format.

We do raid clears spontaniously but mondays are usually the days when most of our members do clears.

Our requirement is a minimum of 250 li and experience in all wings.We would also like to see some dpslogs from both golem and a few boss kills.

What we are looking for right now: Chronos (both boon and tanks), Druids (kiters and stackers), heal firebrands (must provide quickness), Alacrigades, dps (must have both cDps and pDps).

Either comment on this post or whisper/mail me in game: Qiwiii.6517

Thank you!

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