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Pvping with chat enabled is self-mutilation

Happy Yes.1453

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It is "funny". Some people manage to insult others and make the whole team chat. (Trying to argue with them.) Making the team lose because no one is playing anymore. Everyone chatting only.

For the normal 1 or 2 guys chatting it is still okay. Can be "funny" and still possible to win. Ocassionally there is that 1 guy that thinks he owns the team and can dictate strategies while not changint his own tactics according to the teams action. (For example: He says go X, team decides to go elsewhere when elsewhere it does not seem to be bad. Then he runs X to gets himself killed in 1 vs. 3 or so and complains.)

It's usually better to ignore. Unless someone decides to talk before the match starts. (Suggesting strategies.) When there is time to talk. Or when they later adapt instead of constantly repeating the same thing and blaming others.

I don't even report them if they insult. (Only if it really annoyed me an if they weren't funny/creative and entertaining with their insults. If they were I enjoy it and just enjoy the lost match and playing badly on purpose to provoke them even more for more fun reactions.)

Unsolicited whispers go directly on block. (Like the "oh again that noob guy" when in the next match someone is again in the team with me and he does not like me.)

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