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Draconic Wing/Backpack wings too separated from Charr´s bodies

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Hello, first let me thank you Anet for the amazing design of the draconic wings backpack/glider combo :) . and thanks for fixing with these what was the only problem with their precessor, the scaled wings; being unable to dye the backpack.

However there is one small visual bug with the wings. I dont know if this happens to all races, but is very noticiable on Charrs, specially when you unsheath your weapon, i hope this can be fixed because otherwise these wings are perfect.

Here i´m attaching a image showing this bug, the first image shows with my charr weapons unsheathed were you can clearly see the wings flying away from his back, the middle image is less noticiable but you can still see the wings floating a bit away from my charr back, and the right image is just a comparison with the Scaled Wings Backpack where you can see that these ones dont have this problem and are perfectly attached to his back

EDIT: This bug is not present when gliding with the wings by the way, when gliding the wings are perfectly attached to your back on Charr characters


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