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Lf raid static all cms multiclass


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Hello i am looking for a static for weekly clears, i prefer all wings to be cleared on monday or in 2 days if that is not possible monday tuesday monday wendsday, i have a about 900 li and divinations combined , i can play qfb (condi) , pure condi firebrand, chrono boon , tank any boss, war power war condi, renegade condi renegade alacrigade (no my preference but i can) i prefer rr if possible, scourge condi, boon thief (lamp gimp) 2 1 3 or 2 2 3 prefered, other then that i can gear any other class have tons of gear and getting some more legy sets in any case if you have what i want fell free to contact me on my main account which is:

Main : MarkoNS.3261i use discord for voice communication and will not use anything else, other then that anything i need to practice improve i will do on my own time i am only interested in weekly clears.ps: if you need prof of anything i am saying i have videos for my kills.

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