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Necromancer Dagger Skills: Buff or Stay as They Are?


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Dagger skills on Necromancer are pretty weak in general right now.

Of the necromancer dagger skills, only Necrotic Bite (the third main hand dagger auto-attack skill) generates life force if successful, and other than that, no life force is generated for the player. Soul Marks and staff in general generate life force, have AoEs, are unblockable, and only the staff auto-attack 1 skill is a projectile that can be denied fairly easily. I don't have a problem with that, I don't think that's too strong. Axe main hand also has 900-1200 range attacks, with Main hand Axe 2 (Ghastly Claws) generating significant life force, Axe 3 providing an AoE corrupt skill - none of which are projectiles, by the way. Again, I don't have a problem with these weapon skills being the way they are - I just find it very hard to justify dagger usage in PvP. Dagger off hand's Deathly Swarm sort-of makes up for not having staff's Putrid Mark condition cleanse, but it's definitely easier to see coming and to reflect/block/evade, which makes it's potential more limited in scope, especially since it does not generate life force. There's also the Enfeebling Blood off-hand Dagger 5 skill, which gives a nice AoE weakness and bleeding on foes, but it is blockable and a bit easier to see coming than Reaper's Mark (Staff skill 5). It also does not generate life force, again being outshined by the Soul Marks trait Staff combo. Even off-hand Warhorn has a life-force generating skill and an unblockable CC, and Off-hand Focus allows you to chill enemies and remove their boons at 1200 range, and gain life force from them at 900 if you successfully use the Soul Grasp skill. Again, I don't see these weapon skills as being overtuned, I think they are in a pretty good place. I just want dagger skills to generate more life force given the disadvantages they have compared to other necromancer weapons. I also think the health threshold for Quickening thirst should be reduced to 25% and that the dagger skills should generate more life force. A tiny buff to the melee ranged-auto attacks on dagger main hand (like +20) would be nice, too.

And keep this conversation entirely separate from how you feel about shroud's strength - I have my own opinions on that, but let's keep that away from this thread.

What do you all think about this? Do you think dagger should stay in its place, or should it see some buffs in PvP?


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MH dagger doesn't work with the rest of the kit. OH dagger is salvageable.

MH dagger is melee, but nothing else in necro is melee. as a result, necro is relatively fragile when it goes into melee. This is partly why reaper great sword is so troublesome. You'd have to rework a large chunk of the necromancer kit to make it work.

One possible way is to make the pull utility skill into a MH dagger ability instead. This allows the necro to take an opponent out of the main brawl into melee with the necro. Then the necro doesn't need buffed to sit in a melee brawl - they single out an opponent for a small scale fight.

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Maybe make the 3 skill a tight cone AoE.

As for the auto attack. Back before PoF launched I wanted Anet to add a condi to it, admittedly that was for PvE reasons. I still kinda want that.

Maybe Poison on the two first hits and Slow on the last hit. Or just poison on all three hits if Slow is too strong.I do want to see some more Poison on Necro. Since Putrid Defense exists after all

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