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PoF exp after the story?

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Apart from Vabbi, each map has a collection that gives you treats for each of your mounts, respective to which map you got the mount in. While you can only give your mount one treat per day, each mount has it's own treat so that's four treats per day. On top of that, once each collection is accomplished, you can go back to the heart vendors for each mount, complete the heart and purchase more treats.

(If there's griffon treats I havent found any).

Coins from the casino blitz can be consumed for xp (the rate of conversion isn't super useful so might as well save them up for the rest of those events).

In general though, metas are your best bet for experience, simply because they give the most experience out of all the events in the game.

If you're also up for it, redo the story on another character. You won't get the mastery boost coins from completing it like you did on your first playthrough, but they still give a decent chunk of experience if wandering around aimlessly for events doesn't suit your tastes.

EDIT: Map completion!

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I used exp booster from guild hall and booster item and joined pretty much any event I saw going and also did some bounties from the LFG, they leveled very quickly. You can also use some of the mount food items (like Raptor snack) that give some mastery exp, though they only work once per day.

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