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[NA] Boojahideen [PvE] Looking for Active Duty and military veteran members

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I am active duty and have been jumping from small guild to small guild for a long time. I just started a guild with the intention of making it a community where Active Duty and veterans can play with like-people and don't have to worry about dancing fine lines around civilian sensibilities. The guild has a guild hall, recently claimed, and a Discord channel as well. I have been playing GW2 since day 1 so I can mentor new players, help returning players regain their bearings, and lead most PvE content. I am hoping to build this guild into an active community capable of running PvE content on a weekly basis.

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Well I'm not in the military but I do know that would be nice for those who do that sort of thing.  Also please pray for a perfect peaceful solution to all problems OR greater still no take backs in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.  To ensure the success you seek as those who have God on their side have a much better chance of winning than on their own.

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