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New Draconic Wings Disappear from view when entering shroud

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As mentioned. On my screen, when I enter shroud as necro and leave it I see the Draconic wings fine. But Others looking at my character can no longer see the backpack unless I toggle it off and back on. Is this just me?

Edit: So I tested it some more. My character having the issue is a norn necromancer. The draconic wings I have equipped disappear for others when I enter shroud or even mount/dismount. My friend whom I tested this with is an asura ranger and doesn't have this issue.

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Just tested it again. For a little bit is was working. Now for one person, they can't see them, but another they can see the back. I can barely figure out what causes it. :/

It seems to break and bug out after being on the map for a short while...

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