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The Black Flame Legend Recruiting

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The Black Flame Legend is a PvX guild that is rebuilding. We welcome anyone to join and encourage new players to join as well. We are looking to build a friendly atmosphere among our members.

If you are looking for a guild that is flexible and willing to get into any content the game has to offer, look no further. We will be doing daily meta events, once it’s all set up, the leadership has been talking about setting up guild parties and events such as arena tournaments in our hall (we just recently finished building our arena) where we will hold raffles to win unique prizes such as weapon skins, sigils, runes, etc., and much more.

Leadership is open to suggestions from anyone in the guild regardless of rank or time in the guild. It’s your guild so help us improve it and build it into a guild you are proud to be apart of, a guild that you look forward to logging into the game and play with, we are serious about our guild and serious about wanting our members to be apart of our family and feel like they are important to it.

Ranking structure is set up so that ranking up is dependent on how long you’ve been with us, how much you interact with your fellow members, and how you interact with your fellow members.

The only time representation is required is when you participate in guild functions.

As mentioned before, we aren’t picky about people’s experience however, if you are more experienced than someone else with anything, don't be annoying about it and instead bring them up to speed so that they can learn something and be able to enjoy the game more. Games are meant to be enjoyed so don’t ruin it for anyone.

We want people who are outgoing, active, fun, and helpful. Being active is going to be a must. So if you aren’t active then this guild might not be for you. We are, however, aware that people have lives and life happens and what not so if you think you won’t be on for a while just say something and we’ll work with you.

We’re on eastern time, but eventually will want to be big enough so that we can have people from different time zones join and there’ll be people online at any time no matter the time zone. Our primary language is English.

Please be respectful of everyone, our only rule besides being respectful is that we ask you to not speak of anything that is controversial such as religion, politics, things of that sort. We welcome people of all backgrounds and walks of life and would prefer to leave those kinds of conversations out of the guild for the sake of not offending anyone or creating a hostile guild atmosphere. If anyone tells you that something you’ve said makes them feel uncomfortable or they feel offended about it, please be adult enough to handle that situation appropriately. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable or offends you in some way please address that person before mentioning it to leadership. If you’ve tried addressing said person and the problem can’t be resolved between you and said person bring it up to the leadership and we will review the matter and deal with the situation accordingly. That being said, however, this guild is not for children as dark humor and profanity are accepted in this guild. You don’t necessarily need thick skin to join, but just be mindful that people in the guild want to have fun. Dark humor and profanity are accepted and welcome. As said, if need be, we will review each problem on a case by case basis. Things such as sexual harassment of any kind, blatant racism of any sort, and blatant harassment of any sort will not be tolerated and will more than likely guarantee your membership to the guild being revoked if you are found participating in any of the above offenses.

We own the Windswept Haven, we have our own discord channel. If anyone has any questions or would like an invite, I’d be happy to answer them and/or work with you to get you invited and welcomed into the family. If you’d like to message me in-game for any questions or an invite my in-game name is Grant The Abyssal. You may also hit up the Commander, my right hand man, Paul Duh Necro.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to answering any questions and welcoming you into the family.

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I'm a returning player looking for a guild. been away a little over a year and a half. Been gaming over 20 years now mostly mmo's . Played guild started playing guild wars 2 when heart of thorns came out. played mostly solo cause it is very hard to find the right guild. I'm looking for a guild that actually uses discord as a voice server Where people actually come in a talk to each other not just text on it like most guilds. I'm not the best player so I need help with some of my toons but Im also not the worst and O do learn fast. I also like to help out when I can. I'm online quite abit thou I live on the west coast our Hours are similar. My play hours normally run from 6 am to about 9pm which is 9 am to 11pm your time to Most days. If I sound like a good fit . Please send me a in game invite Ty for your consideration. Grumpygopher4793

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I've been looking fora group of people to play with. I'm in the eastern time zone as well so this fits perfectly. Returning to the game after a number of years and there is so much content to catch up on. Shoot me an invite if ya have a chance. Thanks!

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I am looking for people to play with this game. I bought GW2 twice, dont ask why, but I never really played this game as I wanted. Never got into it and now I have a strong will and want to level up from lvl1 and have a lot of fun with other GW2 players.

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