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Looking for insights on NA server cultures

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Old school GW1 player picking up GW2 out of desperation from shelter in place being in effect (the sale didn't hurt of course). I tend to optimize as early as possible for endgame considerations and it appears that server culture appears to be a thing here? If anyone could shed some light for me and another player that's picking up the game for the first time, that would be great.

About me:I did enjoy the social aspect of guilds (shared efforts).I appreciate meaningful structure and expectations. Running reasonable "metas" and such are perfectly fine as it makes the field easier to read and decision on.Looking for friendly and civilized folks, generally gravitating towards adults so I can have semi-intelligent conversations.Probably will not grind heavily for vanity items as I have "meatspace" hobbies I'm ordinarily occupied with.

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Servers in GW2 only matter for World vs. World. In PvE and PvP maps are shared between all servers in a region, so it doesn't matter which one you're on, you will meet and can play with people from all servers. Unless you're planning to spend a lot of time in WvW right from the start it's probably not worth worrying too much about which server you join.

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@47939F55-684D-45F5-A999-8B084090D343 said:Thanks for the response. Is it safe to understand this as being that the transfer fee is nominal and I won't care about it?

No, it literally means that which server you chose has 0 effect on your pve or pvp experience. Servers at the moment are only relevant for WvW pairings.


As far as transfering server for WvW, following limitations apply:

  • Full servers do not allow players to transfer to them
  • the capacity of a server is determined mostly by WvW activity of its members. Transferring to a fuller server is more expensive (between 500 to 1,800 gems usually)

EDIT:The only difference in which server choice will affect pve is by region. NA and EU players can not play together, as such only a regional limitation is in place.

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Mmhmm if you use LFG and PUG a lot, server culture does matter (or if you run around in open world)

It actually sounds like a difficult choice on your part (and same, I feel ya :/) cuz NA is a lot more friendly -- people are more up for chitchat and conversation than EU, but EU does care more about what's meta.

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