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Raven ceremonial dress (medium) (bug)

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I recently ran the 20 events of the 20 koda testing achievements to have this design for my ranger who is medium armor.Well I have noticed that in the previous one of what is heavy and light armor, it is adequately, but not in the average. since the design in the form of a dress does not match.Another thing that goes with the error is the middle chest, when I see the previous one, it gives me the two parts in one, I mean the chest and the shoe, in what if I wanted to combine the shoe with a chest of another design, I could not. since only the chest takes me two designs in one. nor could I combine any average stocking with the ceremonial chest of the crow, since he takes it as if it were an outfit.I already sent a ticket of what I consider to be a design error.review and send tickets so that this is solved. since the correct thing would be the same design of all the parts of the sets for each type of armor.Cheers.

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