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The lag is unacceptable


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The engine/performance needs a solid kick in the pants. Since they are doubling down how about doing that? I know they have other stuff to work on, but this would benefit the entire community not just a sub-section. Because honestly I didn't start having these massive issues prior to the big balance patch, then all of the sudden this stuff started happening.

And only recently have I crashed for the first time, out of game and to desktop while in WvW. So this is the first time I've ever had a single issue~ Could also be the quarantine is spiking the server beyond its limit due to how many people are actually on at one time..

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Like that bad it was never before. Even Thursday evening and already won matchup have skillag. Like every single day of the week you just cant play as normal person. Like seriously I refuse to spend a dime on GW2 until it would at least as bad as it was...

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I guess ANET should have planned better for this pandemic :mask:More people staying at home playing. Ques have been on average longer and there are more 3 way map que fights.As long as you can anticipate 15 seconds ahead of time you are a god because that's how long it takes for the skill lag to catch up.

I don't want to sit here and tell them how they should do it but it does need to be looked at. I'm pretty sure this is next on their list right after alliances.

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