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How about some better AA?

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With video cards becoming faster and faster, it seems that GW2 now has the ability to possibly add some better Anti Aliasing. The current selection is better than it used to be with SMAA "high" available but how about an ultra high setting?Currently I have found injectors for AA make the game much much worse(fonts) and I don't think that I can force better AA through Nvidia inspector.

Whatcha say devs???

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Post process anti aliasing (FXAA, SMAA, MLAA) won't get better than the SMAA option we already have. In modern games it's dead for that reason. Today's games use TAA (low cost, acceptable results) and downsampling (extremely high cost, perfect results).

ANet should improve the Supersampling (= downsampling) option in the game. Currently is uses a downsampling multiplier of only 1.5 and not even a downsampling filter like bilinear or lanczos. That's like it was done 10 years ago, when we had to mess around with custom resolutions in the driver and monitor limitations.

An adequate filter and a factor of 2.0 would give 1080p users a perfect anti aliasing at performance costs that modern mid range GPUs could handle easily.

worse fontsPost Process AA affects the whole image if you just apply it via an injector. You can exclude the HUD if you apply the AA before the HUD is rendered, but this can only be done by the developer himself as it has to be done in the rendering queue of the game engine. Guild Wars 2 is doing this with its post process AA options. That's why your fonts are sharp and you character in the charcter screen is not affected by the post AA (because in that screen the character is rendered above the HUD, which is excluded).

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