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The three banners. Why you should use them all

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If your power, the dragon banner will wreck the opposing enemy in chokes. To avoid, one only needs to dodge the 5th skill but, skilled 2 once trigered can be dropped continuously as massive ae bomb.

Tanky healer? Get the turtle banner. Skill 2 is waters every 7 seconds. A commander's wet dream. Push, water blast. Regroup water blast. Skill 3. Invul every 15 seconds. Oh yeah, survive those hard balls deep pushes. And skill 4 anti Condi. Skill 5 is stab cc.

Condi? Use the centaur. 2 is like sword of justice. Three is imob. 5 is the ultimate - i.e. warrior starting story where that centaur just pushed people down and they die. 5 utility block imob etc.

I may be wrong on skills on where it is because it's my setup. But be sure to read them. And use them.

Use it all. These are the lol makes enemies into mmm moments.

It really favors the many.




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