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Legendary Weapon Damage Type

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First, why does The Shining Blade not have a damage type, like maybe a chaos damage type( which would mean you need to create that damage type)? Non-legendary weapons should only have a physical damage type. I am surprised some legendaries have only physical damage type. You totally missed the boat on this alignment.

Second, make the damage type animation more pronounced. It is not noticeable (like you recently did with the auras). It should be a nice feature of legendary weapons.

Third, make a chaos damage type and an earth damage type (with a death animation of course).

Thank you.

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@phoenixwil.6071 said:Non-legendary weapons should only have a physical damage type.

Disagree here.

Flaming weapons should cause the burning animation, electric weapons should cause the electrocuted animation and so on and so forth, these should be tied to the skin and not the base weapon like most currently are.

The animations are fine, making them more pronounced would be..funny? but not great imo. Further, im all for new damage types as long as it gets added to any skin that would cause such a death.

Theres more than a few legendaries that dont have damage types, so the shining blade isnt alone.

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