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[EU] - PvE - Gunnar's Hold - Returning player looking for a casual and friendly guild


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Hello! Thanks for stopping by. :)I've recently returned to GW2 (been gone about five years) and would like to join a casual guild with friendly people and have fun playing PvE.I have a lvl 80 Ranger I used to play back in the day but didn't accomplished much really. I've played through Personal story (need to complete the last mission) and I really don't have much experience with dungeons or fractals.Started playing again a week ago and created a new character to familiarize myself with the game again. I've been playing with my 19 years old nephew (yes, I'm an old fart, turned 36 a couple of days ago), and it has been fun so far. I've bought Hot and PoF and looking forward to explore those areas and learn new stuff.Greetings from Croatia. :)

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Thank you, kind sir or madam. :) It does sound like something I'd enjoy. :) What kind of PvE are you girls/guys doing? End game stuff or personal stories and map clearing are included as well? Is guild chat active or your main communication channel is Discord? Sorry for all the questions but I'm trying to go somewhere where I can easily get to know people and hopefully have a chance to play and have fun with them before I reach the end game stuff which seems to be the main occupation for majority of the players.

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