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Gold Farming Methods?

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i remember silverwastes being very popular back in the day, with it yielding 30-35g/h was a great method to craft my first ascended set. now i'm looking to make a legendary weapon but over the past few days i haven't seen a single squad being advertised on the LFG. has the map lost popularity for some reason? if so, are there any other methods of farming gold which are as efficient - or more - currently in the game?

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Are you NA or EU?There are silverwaste groups running near 24/7 on EU. You might have some trouble at around 3am-7am CET but other than that its really active. However, groups are usually full during peak hours and when some people leave and it goes up on lfg, it fills again after 2-3minutes. I guess thats why LFG seems empty if you are on EU.

Cant speak for NA.

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this isnt really gold farming but here's my 2 coppers anyway.if you have bunch of spirit shards you can make gold off of them by making items. this site will show you what is profitable to make and sellhttps://gw2efficiency.com/currencies/spirit-shards

you could also learn to flip items on the trading post

you could also buy black lion skins and then sell them when they are more profitable (skins costing one ticket and waiting for them to increase to 2 tickets, when the skinds reach 2 tickets that's when the skins price slowly increases. so wait 1-6 months)

also buying seasonal items ie: trick or treat bags/dragon coffers/etc adn then selling them a month or two after the event is over

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