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Please let us change the "Character Select" background!


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As all of you might know by now, Guild Wars 2's Character Select screen had its background, lighting and music changed throughout the years with each expansion release. I personally find that the original background and music suited the game's overall theme much, much better. HoT was fine as well, but this one... I enjoyed PoF, but this is really poor. The lighting is off and the colours are too dark. You can barely notice the details in your characters, and charr have it worse.

This is why I strongly believe that there should be an option for players to change the background as they please, and maybe the soundtrack as well... but that's not really that important. There are a lot of players who like to take screenshots of their characters in full display like that, and then probably edit them all together. With this new background, that is no longer an option. It is just ugly to look at it, but I don't want it gone. A simple side option that allows players to pick between Core, HoT and PoF... and even add new ones would be the best option here.

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