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I've recently returned from a prolonged break and I'm picking up my characters where I left them. I have an 80 necromancer as a main and I really enjoy condition damage for solo play. What I'm noticing, though, is I really don't do much to World Bosses and I do practically zero damage to things like portals, things that aren't affected by conditions. Being that I run a condition build when I solo, I have very little boost in the way of Power, so I understand why I don't do any damage, but it's frustrating.

I've since gone the path of the Scourge and I'm stumbling through the class learning as I go. I've learned that I can be more helpful in a support role on World Boss fights so I've tried a new build and want to make sure it's not a terrible idea before I waste the time to craft all the pieces. The build is here (http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vRAQRArf7YnE9CV9i90Ae1As9iFhBTfumX/rTPtcwNIKAUueAA-jxxZABQv/wPq/giSw2eCArdSAER/AAK/AA-e) and, in concept, would be a barrier / condition removal support for World Bosses and, potentially, group play. My question is, does this look like it'd be effective support for something like Tequatl or would it be a waste?

...also, if anyone has a DPS build for Scourge for World Bosses that I'm just not seeing, that'd be great too! :)


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There are a number of things I would like to correct in your opening post:

  1. "Structures" in Core Tyria were poorly conceived and do not take significant damage from Conditions; however, since Heart of Thorns, newer structures suffer from Condition Damage as much as Power.
  2. When you are referring to "World Bosses" I am assuming, by the language you were using, that you are referring to Legendary enemies like the Svanir Shaman, Mdolnir Ulgoth, and Shatterer. In other words, World Bosses in Core Tyria. In these cases, supports are generally useless because the mass of players fighting are never an organized group, nor do the bosses deal significant damage to the group as a whole. One or two may get Downed, but you'd be lucky to even spot their low health bars in the first place.
  3. Another point against playing support in a disorganized group is that your skills have a target limit of five. Therefore you can never guarantee that your barriers and condition removals will necessarily affect your desired targets.
  4. Lastly, Core Tyria World Bosses are mostly a cake walk. Outside of a late Tequatl start or Triple Trouble, the rest are usually zerged down with little strategy.

Finally, if all you're ever going to do with your Scourge is run World Boss trains, then you can literally run any build you want, DPS, Support, or otherwise. If you're looking for a more Condition Damage-oriented build that can be built cheaply, Carrion or Dire gear will serve you just fine.

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You might be better off cross-posting the in the Necromancer subforum -> https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/categories/necromancer

That said what you have there will probably work though I think you'd be better off in trailblazers gear if you have access to it for the toughness and Nightmare + 2 Trapper Runes for the condi duration. Metabattle is a good source if you want meta builds, I tend to go my own way and experiment but that's just me :)

I use this for wvw zerging and it's translated well to Open World playgw2skills.net/editor/?vRAQNAW7fnE9CV9iN9Cm9C83glgBLKpFAiA611+agl6KsF+VA-jRSAQBPU9nAqbAAXAAvsPwHV+1hjAw6WYQaPEAZqEMAwBgxHf8xHf8Kein4jP+4lCAmdVA-e

If you want a little more bite I use the following when I run world bosses and open world on my main (note it is a squishy build).gw2skills.net/editor/?vRAQRArY7fnE9Cd3gN9Cm9C83glgBLKpFAiA631+6glqKMF+VA-jBiAQBgU5X0OJAAU/AHOCAA4BAAR1fspSwAu/QAgDAjP+4jP+4V8xHf8xHf8xHf8SBAzuK-e

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@Ojimaru.8970 I appreciate the comments and corrections. I've not played in quite a while and I'm still reacclimating to terminology. It's interesting to read the structures take condition damage in HoT and newer content, I'll have to look for that. To answer your unasked question, I'm intending to do more dungeon/raid/fractal content with my Scourge, but I have to wait on guild members to get to 80 to really start that content.

@Soren.9316 Thanks for the builds, I'll definitely review those and see what I may want to tweak on my current character. I'll have to find those runes and get the pattern (?) for those inscriptions, too. Thanks for pointing those out for me. :)

Also, I'll cross-post to the Necromancer forum and see what people may suggest there!

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