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[NA Anvil Rock] New Player looking for a guild to learn and grow with


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Hello Ladies & Lords!! I am a brand new player to GW2(approximately 1 wk), but I am not new to MMO's. I am playing thru the free world right now trying to learn the ropes, but I have bought PoF & HoT. I want to learn all facets of the game. I don't mind grinding to grow, but learning the tricks from experienced players makes the grinding easier. I have a Warrior that I have gotten to lvl 12 so far. I try to get online for at least an hour per day every other week(my off weeks when I don't have my girls - divorced) and I am usually on around 9pm to midnight EST. During the weeks that I have my girls, I can sometimes jump on for an hour after they go to bed.

So if anyone wants to take a chance on me, please send me some info.

Thanks for taking the time to read and any consideration!!


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