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Axes of symmetry and Illusionary Ambush lack of functionnality


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First of all, I want to underline that I'm really fond of the Mirage, and I'm having a lot of fun with it. Even if lots of thing can skill be perfected (and some discussions here are really promising), I like the gameplay a lot.

Now, I'm really upset with axes of symmetry and illusionray ambush, which work roughly the same, and for the same reason. The tooltip says those skills involve :

You and all your illusions shadowstep to a random point around your target

I noted several issues with the way it works :

  • The shadowstep doesn't take into account the weapon you're wielding. Which means that you can be ported out of range. It's especially obnoxious with illusionary ambush, because you get your ambush skill ready to cast, and you can't use it because you're too far, so it goes to waste.
  • You can shadowstep and end up turning your back to your opponent. So it's a moderate waste of time to put back your camera in the good angle, and just like above, you can waste some ambushes.
  • You can shadowstep in random places with line of sight issues, or pathfinding issues. The most recent example was in DBL, in a shrine : I used axe 3 on an elemental, and ended up behind the altar, on the wrong side... + Camera issues + Line of sight with ranged ambushes.

I honestly like the concept behind those skills, but I also feel like it could be improved a bit, mainly with :

  1. You can land in a circle area against your target which radius equals your equipped weapon's autoattack's
  2. Adjust the angle when shadowstepping so that you're always facing selected opponent. It's a relatively simple angle calculation.

I don't have any good idea for the obstruction issue though.

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