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[EU] After 6 years of playing this game, I might as well give a guild a try

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I mean hey, at least it'd be something new, right?

I'll be honest with you folks, if you invite me to your guild, I'll offer almost nothing of value. I don't raid, I only do the easiest of fractals once in a blue moon, I'm largely bad at combat (rotations? get outta here!) and I'm just generally an unsociable miserable old bastard who thaws out once every few months to run a scavenger hunt on a daily map (if you've seen a "find me on this map and get a modest prize" game run on a daily core map, there's a chance it might have been me). I'll mostly sit in the corner and keep to myself, truth be told, so while I'm not much of an asset, I won't start any sort of trouble either.

Things that would instantly cause me to bail on your guild include politics of any kind, general edgelordery and, uh, typos in your guild description. I swear, every time I get invited by a random guild looking to raise the numbers by any means necessary, there's always an egregious typo or twelve in the guild description. That's the face of your damn guild, people, run a spellcheck on it at the very least!

Ahem, where was I? Right, yeah, that's my exciting pitch. After this sort of dazzling presentation, I'm sure you'd absolutely love to have me in your guild ignoring you 9 out of 10 times. Looking forward to hearing from you! :unamused:

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You sound like an interesting fellow ? Here's my pitch: My tiny guild (~15 people) is called Heroes of Lost Time [HOLT] and we don't have a lot of active members. The people who we do have are mostly casual players, and mostly newbies. We have a level 19 guild hall (Gilded Hollow) which I'm furiously upgrading mostly by myself, for benefits like levelling up scribing (which is a useless craft for anything but making guild decorations).

What do you get out of joining us? Well, perhaps a place to lurk and maybe join in on conversation every once in a while. And the use of the guild enhancements which have already been unlocked, or the PvP arena, if you enjoy duels. And of course, that sweet, sweet 5% waypoint discount (I'm looking to raise this to 10% when I can). Perhaps you'd like to run the guild missions sometimes as well, for those guild commendations that allow you to buy cheap(er) ascended accessories.

If you've been playing 6 years, you can perhaps assist me in explaining things to the newer players, as I'm in GMT+8 whilst others are in GMT+1 (on average).

As for typos, well, I try to avoid them most times. I may slip up, and a number of the members don't have English as their first language, so they will slip up as well. I wonder if that will put you off joining us completely ?

There's my pitch :) If you're interested, send me a mail in-game at ShadowDove.8329, or on discord at ??????????#3918

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Hey, if you want to give roleplay a try please let me know, throw a barrage of questions at me or join the discord to see what it's about! https://discord.gg/9HkHWme

Every guild needs a grumpy old kitten who sits in the corner and treats him with respect ;) our guild is still small and growing (plus hopefully not typo infested) so if you're interested please head over and have a look. Any guild politics that are edgy, dictatorships of any form, you wont find it here: our guild upholds guild polls and guild democracy as much as possible. We generally don't do any combat PVP but are focused on open world activities and PVE.

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