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Hall of Monuments


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You need to link your GW1 account to GW2 (website, account login, link option is there). Once they're linked, you'll have the option to get a teleport stone that will take you to the Hall of Monuments. In order to have rewards, you will have to have EotN with some progress in the Hall. You can check your progress here: HoM Progress

There's more information on the wiki pages (HoM Wiki) regarding the rewards available and the easiest way to achieve them. If you don't have GW1, you won't have any account link or rewards, so the Hall of Monuments wouldn't exist for you (not that you couldn't get some or all of the GW1 campaigns and expansion and make it happen!).

Edit: No more excuses - will begin my Markdown journey - if I can write a thesis in LaTeX, I should be able to do this!

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