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Loss of skillbar control if moved by script when mounted

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When we are mounted and are forcefully moved from current point to another one by some logic or by activation of area-linked or event-linked script, we remain mounted, but after dismount any of our skills (1) - (0) cannot be activated. Character can move but cannot use weapon skills, utilities etc. To restore the normal skillbar control, need to mount again and dismount. This bug occurs relatively rare in different areas and situations. Catching such occurrence during normal gameplay may be not very easy, but it can be reproduced in some areas.

How to reproduce:In Brisban Wildlands, The Gallowfields area there is a bandit camp marked by Seanan's Bandits point of interest. The area mechanics does not allow us to come inside the camp in other way than being disguised as a bandit by Seraph Spy Ivy NPC. Otherwise we will be forcefully moved out of the camp.Let's mount the Springer and use its high jump attempting to jump over the camp fence. As expected, we are being moved outside of camp gate near Spy Ivy, still mounted on Springer. Let's dismount and attempt to use any of our skills (1) - (0). As you see, they cannot be activated either by keys or by mouse. No weapon skills, no healing and utility. Mounting skill remains usable. If we mount and dismount, then the normal control of the skillbar restores.

Additional details:I tested this bug with my Asura Engineer. After forced move and dismount, most of the profession-related tool belt skills also do not work. Surprisingly, the belt skill Rumble (related to Thumper Turret) does work, and its usage "unlocks" the skillbar in the same way as mount and dismount. Maybe because it is a PBAoE skill, unlike others, but I am not sure.

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