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Living world map currency help

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Hey there. I had returned to the game recently and been playing mostly WvW/sPvP doing huge amounts of reward tracks as I use available bonuses from Gobbler/Birthday Boosters/Guild Boost. I kinda just blew through the stories to unlock reward tracks and haven't actually played any of newer maps and so now at this point I naturally was wondering about that new special currency attainability because usually you need a ton of them for each map. I remember having some sort of struggle with getting Diflourite in Sandswept Isles and Mistonium in Jahai Bluffs and so did tracks instead. So the question is - what are the most hardest materials to get and the time-gated stuff that I should aim at getting daily?

The maps in question are:Thunderhead PeaksDragonfallGrothmar ValleyBjora MarchesSteel and Fire

Thanks in advance for the replies and tips.

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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:Steel and Fire doesn't have its own currency; it rewards Grothmar and Bjora currencies.Easiest are Grothmar and Bjora; you'll get more than you ever need.I'd say Dragonfall next, and Thunderhead last?

So, hardest to get by is Branded Mass and then next Mistborn Mote - correct? What about time-gated stuff? Is there any?

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