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Newer Item Selection windows open behind other windows, instead of in front...

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There are several new item selection windows (Living World Portal Tome, Spearmarshal's Plea, etc.) that open behind other open windows (for example, the inventory window from where you access these items) instead of in front like most of the older item selection windows (for example, the WvW Permanent Portable Provisioner, Trading Post Express, Merchant Express, etc.).

It would be a great QoL change to have the newer item selection windows behave in the same manner as the old ones.


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@DrMORO.4627 said:Just submitted a Bug report ticket.We'll see if this gets fixed soon.

Well, here's what Anet says,

"Thanks for contacting the Guild Wars 2 Support Team. I would be happy to assist.

I under your frustration regarding this issue, however, this is the case for all dialogue options in Guild Wars 2. They all appear behind the player's UI if you have a window open. This is also the case for the Spearmarshal's Plea item, all Anvils, and any NPC with dialogue (not the shop) to name some examples.

If you feel this is something that should be changed, the Support Team recommends posting on the official Guild Wars 2 Forums and/or sub-Reddit. The developers read these daily and while they can not respond to every suggestion, it does allow them to gauge a level of public interest in an idea. I do not think it would be as easy of a change as you say, simply because this is a system that has been in place since the beginning of the game and may require a re-work of said system but it's worth bringing up!

Let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with, thanks!Regards,

Guild Wars 2 Support Team"

So, basically saying it's been so, so suck it up, for now...

Still, a horrible GUI for sure, no matter what.DEFINITELY want this to be fixed.

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@DrMORO.4627 said:So, basically saying it's been so, so suck it up, for now...

That is not what the response you quoted was saying. It suggested to make a thread here to complain about this design, and that's what has been done.

I, too, find this to be a horrible design (a true design flaw, if you ask me) and hope that ANet will take a look at it and reconsider their design decision.

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