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{NA}{NSP}{WvW} War Monkeys{MONK} Looking to grow our Troop!

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War Monkeys {MONK} is a growing, fight focused WvW guild on the Northern Shiverpeaks server. We’re active in both afternoon and evening time frames with some of us active almost daily. We have a full guild hall and provide a friendly environment while helping each other improve both as players and as a group.

Use of discord, comms, and a willingness to coordinate builds, comps, and team play are required. We ask for a min attendance of one official run a week and have the desire to integrate as an active member of the guild. Multi-classing is a plus where possible.

Current Schedule

Evenings: Runs usually last approx 2 hours

M,W,F- 7pm CST

Afternoons: More casual, may start tagging up if our presence grows

S,T,Th- 1pm cst

We do occasionally have impromptu runs scattered throughout


Be Respectful- Be respectful to everyone! You don’t have to agree with, identify with, or understand someone to be friendly or game with them. We accept ppl for who they are.

  1. No drama- Don’t bring drama into the guild or discord. If you have problems or issues, immediately contact anyone with the War Priest, War Chief, or Shaman roles.
  2. Don’t be a jerk- Humor is great, but use common sense and don’t be an kitten. Attacking guildies, or anybody else, is not tolerated. Also, behavior such as elitism doesn’t belong here.
  3. Don’t shame us- Don’t bring shame upon the troop, whether it’s in chat, groups, squads, or maps.
  4. Respect the Tag- Respect our tags! Follow their direction and support them. Advising in a constructive, respectful, and properly timed manner is acceptable, however Backseat commanding is never allowed.
  5. Respect allies- Respect our server allies! This does include our linked server as well, if you ever have an issue or an incident with an allied tag or guild, let an officer know right away.
  6. Rep with us- Rep the guild during scheduled raids, events, or just running with us.
  7. Have Fun!!!- Hey, have fun! It’s a game!

Join {MONK} We’re the monkeys that spank back!If interested, join our discord and post in the join-us channel and we’ll get to you asap!https://discord.gg/9dp3MUU

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