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Advice/tips: stuck in norn Personal Story

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I am stuck stuck stuck at the third chapter of the norn Personal Story. Tunnel full of dredge for you to kill; long story short, you wind up with a mob of dredge glommed around you, with no help from the one NPC accompanying you because they've already mulched him.

I'm a bog-standard warrior. Plain old melee is a waste of time, way too many dredge to handle that way. I've tried luring them out of their little cave to kill them a few at a time, which seemed to work except the big ones wouldn't come out to play. Killed a good five or six batches of 3-4 lured out into the open, when I go in deep enough to bait out the couple of big guys, oh look, there's still more than a dozen regular dredge left too. I'm starting to think the number of dredge for you to face all at once is hard-coded to "way too many".

I'm out of ideas on how to beat this wretched encounter, hoping that maybe someone can give me a useful suggestion on something else that might work.

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