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Superior Rune of Tormenting - 6th Passive Doesn't Work on Scourge

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I've been playing Scourge with 6 Superior Rune of Tormenting and the 6th passive skill portion of "applying 2 stacks of tormenting to nearby enemies" doesn't work on the Scourge skill Sand Flare. I've tested multiple times where this fails to work only on Sand Flare. It will work on any other necromancer healing skill.

I'm not sure if it's useful, but I'm level 80 Asura and it's been tested out of groups so I could easily see if it is a legitimate issue. I've tried various maps, various distances, and whether in or out of combat made a difference. The other half of the 6th rune passive of "+20% torment duration" does work.

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