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Charrtyusha, New Anti Zerg Weapon [idea]


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Charrtyusha,A cross between the arrow cart and the mortar, rapidly launch mortar rounds at target area with a high arc, which cause heavy damage to 10 targets each.

The mortar rounds, 10 in total, have a radius of 300 and have a launch supply cost on use, based on one of the three attack modes chosen. The mortars are launched with a .2sec interval.

Area bombardment: for 5 supply randomly barrage a large target area with mortars. Cooldown 5sec.

Tight cluster: for 10 supply fire a barrage of focused mortar rounds at small target area. 10sec cd.

Targeted devastation: for 15 supply, mark the 10 most center foes in target area for 10 sec. On second activation mortars are fired at targets and attempt a modest effort to track them. 15sec cd.

The Charrtyusha costs 100 supply to build regular versions and 150 supply for the superior. You may not interact with it without a minimum of 5 supply. Skills are locked if you do not have the supply required to fire them. Supply is consumed on mortar launches and then you are kicked off.

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@Ubi.4136 said:Pretty sure Anet takes most of their suggestions for wvw from T1 servers (those who bandwagoned so they could 1 button blob their way to victory). So, when Anet asks them if this is a good idea, the T1 servers would just veto it and that would be the end of it. Amusing thought though.

Don't kill the dream!https://youtu.be/gcKhS7ly8ig:-(

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