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Mount adoption license selection box?

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So after I have opened and selected a Skyscale to adopt, I have noticed that the mount is still locked for me. Why is that? Is it because I still don't have it unlocked? I thought that after using this license I will have the mount. Any explanation from someone would be appreciated.

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see it this way:you unlocked a skin or a mount whatever you call it but you haven't unlocked your riding skill so far which is a PoF mastery path. for the skyscale this path is unlocked after completing LS4 and a couple of achievements that take at least 3 more days.

without the mastery you won't be able to use your new skyscale as it is just a skin of the thing you cannot ride yet.

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The adoption licences only give you a skin for a mount, not the mount itself. Those all have to be unlocked in-game before you can use them. If you buy a skin before unlocking the mount it will stay in the wardrobe and be available once you get the mount to use it on.

The skyscale takes a long time to unlock, but IMO it's worth it. You can find info on how to get it here: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Skyscale

Alternatively, if you don't want to unlock the skyscale you can contact Support and ask them to refund the licence, since you didn't understand what you were buying.

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