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Does this forum needs a way to tag posts for competitive game modes?


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I mean, every profession sub-forum does, but really, Thief in particular feels inundated with constant banter and rather spirited, ah ... debate over competitive gameplay, builds, and balance, and very little contributed from (or for) PvE players.

In the very least, it would help newcomers and those returning to the game find relevant information and not fear that their newly chosen profession is some lackluster boring slog that couldn't tickle a kitten, or whatever other silliness abounds.

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Sure, more power to the people. Though its not hard making clear what your post is focused on by specifying it in the header.As a sidenote; I find that thief in PvE is lackluster. I "main" thief in openworld (staff drd), for years. But awhile back I tried out reaper. I was blown away at how it performed. Nowadays, I still do play thief in openworld, but when I need to solo a Champion , I switch to reaper.Making me believe a reason Thieves are so focused on pvp, is they still have potential there.

Ps. I dont raid so can't speak for raid-thieves.

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