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Please Anet let's introduce a filter list for the whisper option


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It should be technically possible so..why do I need to put up with all the sociopaths who try to ruin my day? You can't force me to go offline, I have people in my guild I want to talk to, friends and others; please just introduce an option that open my whisper channel only to guildmates and people in my friend list ( may extend to allies in WvW)

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A few options:

  1. Use the in game block feature.
  2. Have whispers in a different chat tab so you only see them when you want to.
  3. Put the big girl pants on and actually ignore them, they stop whispering if you don't respond.
  4. Report them for bad language or whatever it is.
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People in this thread are so adamant about refusing to add things that are a benefit to others while not having any negative effects on them. It would be nothing but a positive thing to be able to filter whispers and mail from people you don't want to hear from before having to block them first. This could also stop people from being able to whisper you in WvW as an enemy when you don't want to hear guilds bandwagon whispering you to be toxic.

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