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What "open world PVE" + dungeon PVE build do you use?


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As i primarily raid i don't use builds more optimised for open world out of convenience, but pretty much all raid dps bulds melt open world things so its fine. That said, taking certains traits/skills to be able to cover some boons for small losses usually works out better, depending on the class.

My favourites are condition quickbrand and power tempest (fire/ FA air) - both generate boons for yourself and others (quickness, might/fury respectively) and do pretty big damage at the same time, but again I don't bother with dedicated open world builds most of the time.

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Raids are large scale group content so outside of that Raid builds are only going to be optimized well for fractals..

In general PvE and even Dungeon content you mostly want to be solo focused and make your build entirely about your ability to kill things and survive content.Good damage and sustain/survivability potential is what I generally aim for there and it's worked fine for me over the years.

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At the moment:


...But I don't raid and barely touch dungeons. I'm prone to use in open world what works in PvP, because I found survability appealing over killing things fast. At the moment run condi based burn Firebrand in OW and mender based Firebrand in PvP. I have to upgrade the traveller runes to fireworks but outside that is pretty much the same build, going from power and healing in PvP with burning as accesory damage to burning being the main damage dealer in OW PvE because the forbidden stats od Dire or Traiblazer are available in PvE/WvW and they stack punching power and sustain. Still, I have to end a Celestial + Cleric gear combo to test how performs in PvE (because is probably the closest thing to mender).

I mean, PvP is a little weird sometimes: bunker stats are forbidden (Knight, cleric, dire...) but on the other hand has a few exclusive attribute combos which are excellent (paladin, demolisher, destroyer, mender... ) and not available in PvE. For open world PvE (solo and in groups) I would rank condi Herald > power Herald > hybrid Firebrand > power Dragonhunter. Some other classes as Necros and Mesmers can work very well, but overall I don't think that they have advantage enough. Rangers is touted as one of the best "solo PvE classes" in the game thanks to the tanking pets and survability, but on the other hand, is not very great in terms of AoE damage. Hybrid firebrands and condi Heralds can do massive amounts of AoE damage while surviving without the need to support or retreat tactics.

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I use harriers quickness firebrand for everything, while keeping a berserkers Dragonhunter build in reserve for when "my team is going to die no matter what I do", or when my dungeon group has "negitive dps" with quickness, fury, stability, aegis and 25 might. Both builds are very similar to raid style builds.

Honestly, harriers heal firebrand has enough damage through f1 spam to quickly mow through enemies in solo play - plus the cooldown can reset when you kill a mob, so it's usually a very avalable skill.

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[Trailblazer/Apothecary Fire Sword Weaver] — the ultimate build to solo everything. Created by Lord Hizen but modified by me for more damage. It works in WvW too (I tried).http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PGgAw2lZwyYSsLGJOOT7vbA-zRRYRRDyjMchhRfCkUAODA-e

[Condi Herald] — Trinkets are carrion because I wanted my condis to be more bursting. + I like swiftness, so Herald > Renegade.http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PmwAke7lpQIMLKidRSMMCiJSgsCSgjq1frF-zRRYLBbGtsyIyCojUQ4B-e

[Alchemy Holosmith] — Nothing special, but it has a loot of boons and quickness.http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PegAw6lVwmYWsIGKWeTZvUA-zRIYR0wfG1KBqQBo4B-e

[scrapper Grenadier] — It's fun to play. I was able to solo dungeons, champs, some bounties.http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PeQAIlJwaYaMIWJOyLvtfA-zRIYRUwfG1KB6VBo4B-e


[Chaos Mirage] — just put some runes of tormenting = ulimited power.http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PiwAcq/lVwgYIMFmJWOP5vOA-zRJYmRLfZkZBESK49A-e

I don't expect anyone to like it. I just can't die.

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