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[PvP Dragonhunter] Hunter's Determination trait is bugged

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on October 26, 2015 patch it says "Fixed an issue that caused this trait to apply aegis without respecting its cooldown."

This trait currently has 300 seconds cooldown. However, when I tested it without taking any other traits other than DH minors, I noticed this trait grants aegis on every disabling effect without respecting any cooldown.Is this intentional?

Tested in Heart of the Mists.

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The fix was for a completely different version of the trait so that is unrelated.

As for intent. I am guess it is not intended since that seems a bit too strong. However the behavior is correct based on trait's description since the trait itself has no cooldown. I am guessing it was either intended to have a cooldown or the Aegis was intended to come from the autocasting of Shards of Faith which gives Aegis for the same duration.

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