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Enhanced Mighty Gloves (Tutorial Achievements)

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So I recently noticed that I already had a drop of the enhanced mighty gloves box, however I did not equip the content.Now I have checked several times if I maybe have the item somewhere on my toons, but nothing.And so I started farming...My god, 7 hours in and still no drop. Why is this so rare? What exactly is the point?I will equip it and then delete it. I can see how valuable items or skins have to be rare, but this is just a ultra low lvl item noone will ever keep...What's especially mind boggling about it, is the fact that after you unlock the achievement it won't drop anymore.So it's not even a problem to keep the droprate the same. Seems to me as if it's just some evil joke.

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If possible, you might make a new char and level it for a while. 

gw2 wiki says 

  • High chance to drop from any foe at character level 10 or below.
  • Characters above level 10 can acquire this item in low-level areas of starting zones in which their effective level is 10 or below.
  • The drop rate is significantly reduced if the item has already been acquired and the contents were never equipped.[1]

so it sounds like the best bet is a new below level 10 char. Delete, remake and relevel if you get to level 11 without getting it. 

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