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Choyalicious Vodcast/Podcast - Every Wednesday's 12 PM PT/3 PM ET


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Guild Wars 2 Community Podcast and Vodcast

Starring Kit The Traveler, AshenLily and MomoInTheBox with various Guest Hosts

We're a group of friends with each other's interest at heart. We all started playing Guild Wars 2 separately, we've all had separate experiences within the game and we decided to express our views about the game with the community. A couple months ago, we had started this podcast, only back then we had a different name and recently we thought it would be best to start fresh again with a new name. We're coming back to the community with a kick after our mini-vacation. We hope that everyone enjoys the podcast and vodcast which can be located with the links down below!

Social Media:

Be sure to check our SoundCloud for the latest Choyalicious Audio as well as the Video available to you on Twitch. I'd suggest listening from the 14:05 mark since we did have a little sound situations in the beginning of our audio/video.Choyalicious AudioChoyalicious Video: https://go.twitch.tv/videos/181478721

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