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Bestest necromancer build in whole multiverse


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It does not abuse the imbalance of core necro life force degeneration and signet of undeath. It's definitely killable.

You just have to stay close when it enters shroud to not get nuked with dhuumfire (the only real pressure the build has). Just go melee and run through it over and over again while attacking and applying cc, so it has a hard time to apply these autos.

Nevertheless 10 of these spamming shroud autos from range might be some fun to troll clueless pug blobs (until they decide to just run you down). But I'd rather stack 10 burn guards for the lols.

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Disregarding the suboptimal trait/skill/sigil/rune setup

Pizza is bad food, there exists many strictly better options

Icicle is a bad utility, magnanimous/corsair tuning crystals are clearly much better

Infusions slots aren't even full

Clearly not the bestest

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