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Spectral walk. Its not fully answered yet

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Good morning /evening everyoneI wonder if its only me or its a bugSometimes when i press on the spectral walk skill one time it act like if i press it two times or the skill not working and i only gain the swiftness without the actual skill working

And thats critical in a lot of cases because as necro this is almost the only mobility we gotAnd if its not working we can't disengage

I know sometimes the double click cause this but when i about to use this skill i make sure i only click once and its act like i click it twice

Is that only happens to me! Or its a bug

Sorry i just read the steps to report about the bugs

I am at Europe serverMy character is necromancer norn

The problem i wrote about happened to me a lot of times before and its still there in these daysMy account named silent killer5732My character name is Ss silent killer Ss

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@Miss Lana.5276 said:I have a razer naga chroma, and I know this happens to me often, but I'm never sure if it's me pressing the button twice, or if it's the game glitching out.

Either way, if this could be looked into, that would be great.

Its a bug or my pc has a virus or somethingI make sure to press it one times only and still sometimes act like i press it twice

I hope someone from the devolopers answer soon

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