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Balance downstate


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Thief has a terrible downstate, ele is great only because free mist form, mesmer is only good once you get the phantasm, revenant is annoying more than anything because of the push and slow, engi isn't anything special.

Necro destroys health bars when downed and the fear lasts for like 3 seconds, rangers can get themselves up very easily with the pet even when being attacked, guardian is alright with the giant AoE knock back and fast revive with symbol if they are left alone, warrior can get up and yolo in hopes of a kill.

Pretty big disparities between downstates, and some are only useful in WvW like ele since they can just Mist Form into structures.

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Downed states overall actually aren’t all that good. Where they are somewhat effective:

  1. Downed states with healing.
  2. Downed states with heavy damage.
  3. Downed states with both healing and damage.
  4. Niche abilities that may tip the scales or be useless.

Tier 1 (impactful, still not great imo):

  • Necro (moderate healing and damage)
  • Ranger (high healing)
  • Mesmer (high damage)

Tier 2 (moderate impact, mechanics have counterplay)

  • Elementalist (invuln stomp denial/mobility)
  • Thief (stealth stomp denial, teleport x1)
  • Guardian (AoE knock back and healing)

Tier 3 (low impact)

  • Warrior (knockdown, rally)
  • Revenant (knock back)
  • Engineer* (pull and knock back)

*Scrapper has some tier 2 aspects here because I believe Function Gyro can be used in downed state. It doesn’t happen that often so I’m going to put it solidly in tier 3.

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A lot of downstates have BS sides to them depending on what you're playing.

If you're running glass, thief, mesmer and necro can literally kill you while they are down.If you don't have access to stab stomping an engy isn't easy and if timed right a warrior can delay a stomp to vengeance.Ele, thief and ranger you have to stomp as they can easily get to the node or self rez if left.Rev can take someone out of the game entirely with the knockback into a wall but otherwise are only annoying with the slow.

Everyone has a BS aspect to the downstate, closest to "fair" is guardian.

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@Eugchriss.2046 said:

@lodjur.1284 said:...necro and ranger downstate are worse than thief and ele. LOL

@lodjur.1284 said:Tier 1 Downstates



Tier 2 Downstates



Tier 3 Downstates



Tier 4 Downstates



Garbage Tier Downstate


lmao, is this some kind of meme I've missed?

Ele clearly has the strongest, impossible to safestomp.

Thief is similar, slightly weaker 2 skill, much better 3 skill.

Ranger has a mediocre 2 skill, but a fantastic 3 skill.

Necro is one of the easiest to safestomp (stab, aegis, blind and the only one where resistance works but at least not projectile blocks like engi/war tho, can also be cleared to vastly cut the duration). Only warrior and engi are easier to safestomp, but both of those come with play okay 3 skills.

A downstate tier list should clearly be based on how good the class is at, in order of importance.

  1. Avoiding stomps
  2. Getting away from the fight
  3. Healing
  4. Damage
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downstates are actually p balanced tbh. here's my run down

revenant: slow on auto to stop cleaving which is annoying and a super meme far kb #2warrior: omega trash #2 and bad #1 but must respect the vengeance if he has impact skills like banner and zerker rampageguardian: jigga trash auto except it can cast off blind, good aoe #2 and good healing for self rez and late rez on #3ranger: bad #1, ok #2 bc it's hard to see, obvious best #3 in game which has to be insanely respected even at the highest levelengi: total trash tbh, bad #1 pretty bad #2 decent #3, only reasonable bc of double ccthief: #1 is actually insane damage, #2 obviously good, #3 is ok, overall top tiermes: confu on #1 is nutty on condi, #2 very good, #3 can meme people hard with 6k hitsele: bad #1, godlike #2 with portal usage etcnecro: godly #1 for damage and sustain, #2 trash but terror can literally carry a fight #3 is jigga damage

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@DoritoGod.5817 said:revenant: a super meme far kb #2As someone who likes stomping over bleeding foes, no skill has ever pushed me into the terrain of maps as much as that one skill. Not even LB4 on Ranger.

I feel a genuine tinge of fear when I am near a downed rev and there is a wall or a pillar or something behind me.

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2 players both same skill level, one guardian the other Ranger both go down the same moment due one tick of burn. or to make it more funny the guard goes down 5 seconds later

Who will win ?

now we say its not a 1v1 in contest but sometimes it is and mini seasons with the upcoming 3v3 before 2v2 will have some day a 1v1 for sure

I see no reason why the outcome of who win the down fight is already decided by choosing the class

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