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[EU] EAST Recruiting new people for Guild missions, raids, fractals and pvp!

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They Come From the East [EAST] is recruiting!Hello there, traveller!

Are you new here? Don't get yourself killed all alone out there. Why not join us on our adventures? We just came from the East and we left nobody behind. Apply now to get cookies! (Limited stock, gone is gone)We are a newer guild trying to find more raiders and fractallers atm to join our ranks.

Region and Server

We're located in Europe, but everyone is welcome! Also, you don't have to be in a certain server in order to join us.

Raids, Fractals, Goals?

Our priorities would be to get more members for Guild missions so we can upgrade our guild hall, for raids and fractals.We are looking for raiders or raid trainees that are willing to dive into raids or that want to learn how to beat raid bosses.Our group contains new but also returning players that wanna give a helping hand to those that don't know how to raid.Our main goal for the guild is to have fun but try to beat harder content.It would be greatly appreciated if you join our Discord server (that is, if you're willing to join us) so we can make it easier to keep track of things, and well, have it as a place to chill. ^^

For anyone interested in Pvp, we run pvp events, tournaments and we do guild missions to be able to upgrade our guild hall.


Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/2muu4DQ

If you don't happen to have Discord, you can send me a mail in the game (SlimSmoking.8364), or even send a message, here under this post.

Best regards.

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