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Raid Trainings[EU]


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Hello everyone,

I've been trying to learn the raids lately and I am in two biggest training guilds in the game(Inn's and RTI's). They're doing decent trainings, but the guilds are big and crowded which makes it hard to find a spot sometimes, or the desired time I want to have a training. So I've been trying to organize dummy trainings with pug groups where we try to learn without any commander. Training without anybody teaching has it's own benefits (trial and error) however they don't go as smooth as with a commander. Having said those pugs aren't the most preferred composition usually for some certain reasons.

So we're two people here want to be at least 7-8 at least or 12-13 at most to organize some scheduled trainings where we aim to learn together.

Plan is simple : we schedule a raid training at least 24 hours before then share some boss guides, resources, povs etc. then do the training.

As I stated above I think learning by trial and error method is a legit way for me. So if you like the idea you can join our discord channel i'll put the link at the bottom.

Please note that this isn't a guild, this is a place where people try to learn raids with themselves. I dont know what it turns out to be in the future.

You can join if you;

are above 20 years old,

are patient,

are enthusiastic to learn,

have at least one meta-geared class. (from snowcrows)

Having the general information in raids would be great aswell.

Any classes are welcome however, druid and boon players needed more I guess.


Have a good one.

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