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Being stunlocked is not fun


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@Liberis.9573 said:CC and interrupts are important in most MMOs, but being stunlocked is something else entirely. It's not fun to have no control of your character for extended periods of time. You're literally sitting there NOT playing the game

How did you get stunlockedWhere were you? Were you outnumbered?Did you kite?etc

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@Hirosama Nadasaki.6792 said:If you value my sanity you'll stop saying such things so they keep sleeping on it.

@Leonidrex.5649 said:Im on the same boat, im content spamming sword ambush on necros, 3clone shattering F3 and making them unable to do anything for extended periods of time so that they go to formus and whine about CC. I guess it works lol

Uhhh... I mean- CC spam bad. Don't do that. Stay in school and play your Strength + Dagger builds when you're on Warrior. If those Meta build sites say its the best, then it's probably the best. Don't trollerate people in game.

also original build don't steal pls

@"Azure The Heartless.3261" said:A war after my own heart.

In a lot of way this is true."Looking Cool Joker" That's me.[steal]

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