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[Suggestions] Make "Joy of Movement" Awesomer

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Every mount is awesome, Anet. Here's ideas to make them awesomer.

1) Allow actual swapping. Hotkey for Mount B both dismounts Mount A and mounts Mount B. No cooldown, extra keypress, or loss of mount if being attacked. Momentum preserved even when needing a high jump instead of a canyon jump.

2) Run-away mechanic. I realize that this may be tricky, but so often I just want to get away from mobs. Given their long leashes, I end up running on foot for quite a distance. The mechanic could be as follows: I am being attacked. My mount has died. Nonetheless, I can re-mount. However, so long as I am being attacked, my mount's combat skills are locked. But I can run away. In fact maybe I have another mount skill, like a speed boost.

3) Swap between gliding and mount. Talk about getting your Batman on! My joy of movement would become ecstasy.


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