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What rune and or sigil adds more to block?


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@"Korgov.7645" said:There aren't that many. Taken from Wiki:

Upgrade components that improve blocking
(rank 6) - cause burning when blocking
(rank 6) - gain health.

And this sigil grants Aegis if you are very lucky:

Oh not bad. That can actually be a good zerg thing

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@Sovereign.1093 said:

@Emferno.5219 said:Superior rune of defender :(6): +10% Maximum Health; heal for 5% of your maximum health after blocking an attack. (Cooldown: 1 Second)

Mmm that could be op for a block focused players.

Way back, i used to use that rune of def on my chrono before chrono got nerfed.Was quite good, sword/shield and scepter/sword.

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