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Harry Potter GW2 Leveling Challenge: Yer a Wizard, Harry!

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Hey, everybody!

So I've been watching a few 'Leveling Challenge' type videos (mostly ran through Warcraft) and thought wouldn't it be awesome to come up with a few and try them out in GW2? So a few of my guildies and I officially kicked off the very first Build a [bEAR] Bandit's leveling challenge, Yer a Wizard, Harry! a (you guessed it) Harry Potter themed challenge!

This is a recap/highlights video of our random shenanigans!

Want to participate? Check out the rules listed below and good luck!

º Elementalist only. No Boosters, foods or mounts!

º If you die you must delete and start over. Single down is okay, double is considered dying.

º You can only use the armor in the slots you start with (Chest, Legs and Boots but NOT the Helmet unless you have the proper bonus) with the exception of your House perk. You can fill these slots ONLY with armor you find as a drop or as a quest/level reward. No vendors, mails from self/friends or Trading Post. You may use any weapons allowed by your class, however the same rules apply. Armor and Weapons can not be higher than Masterwork (Green) quality.

º The only exception to the above rule is House bonus gear. You may purchase your accessory, amulet or helmet from a Heart Vendor. It can not be higher than the Masterwork (Green) quality.

º You can use upgrades in your gear but ONLY upgrades you find as a drop or quest/level reward.

º Pick Your House: Each House will have a bonus and you will want to wear your colors for your character.

  • Hufflepuff: Yellow/Black. As a Hufflepuff you can equip one accessory.
  • Slytherin: Green/Silver. As a Slytherin you can equip one amulet.
  • Ravenclaw: Blue/Silver (or Bronze). As a Ravenclaw you can equip a helmet.
  • Gryfindor: Red/Gold. As a Gryfindor you can equip a helmet.

The goal is to be first partaking in the challenge to take back Claw Island. Once you accomplish this take a screen shot of your completed instance as well as a screenshot of your /age on that toon. The submission with the lowest time by the deadline (6/14/2020) will receive a prize!

Want to catch it Live? Check us out below:https://twitch.tv/swankymutt

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