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Hearts and Minds Challenge mote migraine acheive

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I just ran this with a group of 5 got mordy to the flight phase and went to glide up with an updraft as the leader of the group it launched me out of the instance this was after doing it to another party member the round before. This achieve is not even fun and the functionality is terrible the updrafts are broken they either dont work or they throw you up and out of the instance. And the protection shield doesnt keep you safe either. After spending hours trying to do this and having that happen I just dont have it in me to do this to myself again. I understand that this old abandoned content HOWEVER new players are coming to the game everyday and to them this is not old abandoned content. This has been an issue for a long time and I am sure there are many other post about it and it still has not been fixed. I love this game and I am a completionist so to not get this acheive hurts. I was helping a newer player trying to get it and she was very excited about it now she doesnt even want to do it again. I try very hard to help players in the community especially newer ones but this takes the cake. We were robbed on the achieve and maybe lost a player because of broken content. Please make this right fixed or rewarded your choice. Thanks in advance your loyal guild wars 2 fangirl since 2005.

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