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Friends on different full server - possible solutions?


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Sorry if this has been posted before, but searching for this only got me outdated results from years back. So here goes.

My friends and me all started way back in beta on Piken Square. After some time, I quitted while they continued to play. A few months ago, I returned and am having a blast. After doing a lot of PvE together, I want to join them in WvW too, but a few years ago, they all moved over to Desolation because of reasons. Both my server (Piken Square) and their server (Desolation) are full. I'm checking every time I log to see if one of our servers is open again, but no luck so far and I don't want to wait another three months. I've read about rumors that servers will disappear in the future or that people of the same guild can play together regardless of server in the future, but nothing official so far.

What are my options? The only possibility that I see is for all of us to transfer to an open server. For me, the price is not an issue, but for some of them it is. Are there any other options?

Thanks for any input you can give!

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Your options are transfer or continue to wait. They haven't said much of anything about alliances so assume that you will have to wait a very long time. Also populations are usually updated only once a week on mondays, so that can save you some checking. I have seen a few exceptions, but it was usually to close servers, not open.

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You will have to wait for the relink on Friday, desolation has been full, despite the fact a bunch of guilds left during the previous link.

Piken opened up at least twice, during this linking cycle. In the end you may have to find another link or host server, if you want to play on the same wvw server.

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